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Code 2013 Varieties ch-cherry  sa-salad  sl-slicer   r-roma Open pollin
Days to Harvest Notes

AGG Aunt Ruby's German Green sl o i 80 12-16 oz, superb tasting large green, yellow-tinted with a pink blush
AN Annas Noire sl o i 75 lg green/red/yellow tart
ARGG Aunt Ruby's German Green sl o i 80 12-16 oz, superb tasting large green, yellow-tinted with a pink blush
ARJR Andrew Rahart's Jumbo Red sl o i 90 huge, slightly tart bright red disease resistant
AWV Akers West Virginia sl o i 70 1 lb red sl. Flattened
BCW Box Car Willie sl o i 80 red, large, tasty
BK Black Krim sl o i 69 medium size dark reddish-brown with green shoulders
BMY Barne's Mountain Yellow sl o i 80 large yellow beefsteak from Kentucky, a favorite of tomato hobbyists
BS Beefsteak sl o i 85 red, large, good balanced flavor
BSM Black Seaman sl o i 80 purple/brown with green shoulders, good producer and tasty
BWOTV Brandywine off the vine sl o i 72 1 lb reddish orange with classic creamy brandywine flavor
BWSS Brandywine Suddeth sl o i 85 1-2 lb pinkish-purple-original Brandywine
BY Big Yellow sl o i 80 yellow, beefsteak, very large
C Carbon sl o i 78 8-12 oz. dark red/black, one of the darkest blacks, rich, sweet excellent flavor
CC Cherokee Chocolate sl o i 80 Purplish/black 4" stabilized from Cherokee Purple
CG Cherokee Green sl o i 85 12-16 oz green when ripe
CHST Chocolate Stripe sl o i 75 medium size with multicolored stripes dark flesh, a favorite of tomato hobbyists
CP Cherokee Purple sl o i 75 10-12 oz, purplish/redish/brownish
CV Cosononaut Volkov sl o i 68 red, slightly tart, flattened
DRR Darby's Red Raspberry sl o i 75 Pink ribbed sweet
E Elfie sl o i 72 med orangish red beefsteak
EV Evergreen sl o i 72 10-12 oz. ripens green with yellow hue, very sweet and mild, meaty
GC Granny Cantrell sl o i 80 1-2 lbs slightly flattened pink/red
GerPk German Pink sl o i 78 10-16 oz. deep pink, excellent flavor, meaty and few seeds
GGN German Green sl o i 80 lg green beefsteak very sweet
GM Gold Medal sl o i 75 1-2 lb yellow with red blush
GY Goldie Yellow sl o i 90 16-20 oz golden orange with a distinct rosy blush
KB Kellogg's Breakfast sl o I 75 16 oz. yellow orange slicer, thin skinned, very meaty and good taste
KYPS Kentucky Pink Stamper sl o i 85 1-2 lb pink beefsteak type, superb flavor
LYH Lillian's Yellow Heirloom sl o i 88 medium to large transparent yellow extremely tasty with reddish blush
MVS Marvel Stripe sl o i 85 1-2 lb yellowish-orange with red streaks
NAR Neve's Azorean Red sl o I 75 16-48 oz. red slicer, ultra meaty with rich flavor
OL Omar's Lebonese sl o i 85 very large deep red slucer sweet
OL Omar’s Lebanese sl o i 80 very large dark pink
OQ  Orange Queen sl o d 78 6-8 oz. juicy with few seeds
PBT Pink Berkeley Tie Dye sl o i 75 dark pink with metallic green stripes on skin, sweet, rich flavor
PP Pruden's Purple sl o i 72 purple-pink 1 lb
PRB Polish Red Beefsteak sl o i 85 large, brick red
R Rutgers sl o d 75 8 oz round rich red, great old time flavor
RB Red Barn sl o i 85 very large red good flavor
RDB Rose de Berne sl o i 75 6-8 oz dark pink perfect globe
SOL Soldaki sl o i 80 large, very meaty slicer,  dark pink from Poland
SX Sioux sl o i 70 6 oz red globe, tolerates extreme heat
TM Tiffen Mennonite sl o i 85 pink skinned large beefsteak type, very rare
TYW Tom's Yellow Wonder sl o i 78 1 lb pink bottom pale yellow beefsteak, slight inner marbeling, very sweet
WB Watemelon Beefsteak sl o i 80 1/2 lb, pink sweet
YRB Yellow Red Butt sl o i 75 yellow with red streaks, very large

EPB Eva's Purple Ball sa o i 70 blemish free very round medium salad
GPch Garden Peach sa o i 70 gold with fuzzy delicate skin
JBT Japanese Black Trifele sa o i 79 6 oz pear shape, dark purple green shoulders, resists cracks, 1 of smallest black Russians
JF Juanne Flamme sa o i 70 orange/red tart good for drying
JGE Jean's Golden Egg sa o i 75 4 oz. egg shaped yellow, juicy & very sweet
RP Red Peach sa o i 79 reddish pink with fuzzy delicate skin

AP Amish Paste r o i 80 oblong, red, large canning type, acorn shape
AR Anna Russian r o i 70 large, very tasty paste tomato, fine foliage, slightly pointy
CS Cream Sausage r o d 80 creamy yellow paste roma type
HH Hog Heart r o i 75 6-8 oz. paste, shaped like banana pepper
OB Orange Banana r o i 85 sweet, orange, large roma
SM San Marzano r o i 78 5-6 oz meaty flesh red
SR Speckled Roman r o i 85 4-5 oz red with orange/yellow striations
TMO Tomeor r o o 75 8 oz. deep red oblong meaty, very flavorful

AS Amish Salad ch o i 70 pinkish red grape with excellent flavor, very lg plant
BC Black Cherry ch o i 75 dark hue dusky color
J Juliet Hybrid ch h I 60 AAS 1 oz grape, red, very productive
PB Principe Borghese ch o i 75 tasty Italian heirloom great for sun dried tomatoes, few seeds, little juice
HDC Honey Drop Cherry ch o i 75 red, sweet cherry
OrCHOregon Cherrychoi601 1/2"  extra early, sweet
CEY Ceylon ch o i 70 1" ribbed mini beefsteak, sweet and tart